2017 summer go? Enjoy the feeling phượt on highland roads Binh Lieu


If you do not like the sea you can experience a summer trip on the same street phượt upland areas in Binh Lieu, watching the golden rice fields, beautiful terraces ministers, no less ecstatic terraces in Ha Giang, Lao Cai

Phượt Bình Liêu.

April – a good time for one trip “phượt” to Binh Lieu. Photo: Radio-CTV

      Binh Lieu mountainous districts of Ha Long City is located about 100m. Currently, the district has been the route to perfection, relatively easy for tourists. We encourage you to go by motorcycle to have a better experience with the piece reaches this highland. Binh Lieu people quite friendly, gentle always ready to introduce to you the beautiful places in their hometown.

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      Discover Khe Striping waterfall – one of the famous tourist destination of Binh Lieu. Waterfall 100m higher. Space around the waterfall is quite large, three-tiered waterfall flows very beautiful and spectacular.

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      Binh Lieu There are many places to explore, such as the Forest defense phượt anise, cinnamon; visit border posts. You can also challenge yourself to climb mountains to collapse Cao Ba Lanh Binh Lieu in the eye, look at the “ribbon terraces” …

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      Tourist services in Binh Lieu than many other localities in the province but not yet invested heavily, however, basically also meet the minimum needs of the tourists. If you have to Binh Lieu, the road forget to enjoy the signature dish here.

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