Bo specialties: bread triangle circuit


Just hearing the name is enough excitement and curiosity by many people only know this ancient capital triangle circuit is the new beautiful flowers were planted for the first time in Quang La, Hoanh Bo district. More unique, this flower’s seeds also are artisan baking cakes made into delicious and nutritious.

     With the climate and soil suitable, 2016. This was the same flower combination, agricultural cooperatives in Quang La tested successfully. Thus, the end of 2016, about 2 ha flowers triangular circuit was officially planted. And perhaps passionate beauty of this flower that many people forget that this is also provided seed varieties reserves, the source of foodstuff specialties. With soil conditions, climate and appropriate cultivation techniques, quality flowers and seeds triangular circuit in new areas not inferior to native varieties of this flower.

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    After October, 11 of the lunar calendar, the winter when the flowers bloom, blooming. Last season, when the weather is warm and the flowers at the remnants, at which the particles are sincere flowers triangular circuit block, 1/2 small black beans collected dried.

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      Flower seeds triangular circuit rich in minerals (such as Inositol, iron, zinc …), no less nutritious rice or corn. But triangular flower seeds processing circuit is not easy, especially processed in the traditional way, by hand grinding. “Sewing is still the most difficult to grind very fine, powder filtration techniques, by pulp mill circuit engineering triangles will be difficult to eat. To have a good bakery ingredients, harvested grain drying flowers we thoroughly dry, then use the machine to grind flour to make dough, repeatedly filtered to remove the shell, take powder … “- Pham Hong Thang, Quang La, Hoanh Bo district – a care technicians and processing grain bread triangles sharing circuit

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      Powder is mixed with a triangular circuit water and mix the puree and pour into molds taken to appeal for nine. For ease of boiled and processed, each cake is molded round the triangle circuit, with a diameter of 10 centimeters, about 1 thin stool. One of the differences to make a unique flavor of the bread triangles typical circuit, here is brand baking powder is mixed with beans, glutinous rice powder slash local specialty in a certain proportion . Thus, apart from the cake flavor characteristics of the bean carrying fleshy, fragrant glutinous rice.

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     Cake triangle circuit are packed manually or when food wrapped in banana leaves can be put in the oven or grilled on charcoal stoves for heating. Having the opportunity to visit the gardens in Quang La triangular circuit, visitors should not miss the opportunity to taste the unique flavor cake characteristics.