Early investors gentrification Halong commune (Van Don)


      According to the recommendations of the communal electorate Halong, Van Don district, in recent years due to the construction of sidewalks, roadside drains from Medical Center 334 Van Don district to the temple have not been invested Cai Bau sync, leading to some road flooding occurred, stagnant water, the water streaming into the population, especially in the rainy season.                    Therefore, the embellishment, synchronous investment in urban infrastructure is imperative in order to contribute to the urban landscape, make a good impression to tourists and attract investors to the local .

Nước thải sinh hoạt của các hộ dân xả trực tiếp ra đường gây ô nhiễm môi trường, mất mỹ quan đô thị.

Domestic wastewater from households discharged directly into the road causing environmental pollution, urban aesthetic

      Currently, along the 11km route from the center of Van Don District Health Cai Bau Pagoda (from village to village 1 13 communes of Ha Long), but only approximately 300 m hamlet 9 and 10 have sidewalks and sewers permanent water by self-built schools. Therefore, the residents living along the road have to build temporary drains doorstep to serve the family’s waste drainage. Some families have built small drainage but no broken lid makes waste washed down unsanitary, unsafe traffic.

      Pham Thi Thanh, Village 7, Ha Long Commune, said: Do not have the sewer system does not meet the permanent job, so many households discharge directly discharge waste water into the street, having hollows cause stagnant sewage and garbage, unpleasant odor, especially on sunny days. And in the rainy season, water from the hill behind the hut could not break down causing flooding, many households have flooded into the affects of living as well as travel.

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       Pham Van Thuan, village chiefs 7, Ha Long Commune, said: Recently, the implementation of the guidance, the village has reviewed and consultation meetings and propaganda, mobilize people to sign a commitment to donate land , translated fence when gentrification projects being implemented. All households are agreed, hoping the authorities concerned soon meet project the legitimate aspirations of the people.

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      Reply voter petitions related to the above items, dated 17-5-2016 PPC Document No. 2697 / agreed Affairs Committee-XD1 Van Don District People’s Committee report proposed investment policy regulating works page, renovate and upgrade provincial road 334, first paragraph from 600 to Km11 + Km9 + 745 (from the Medical Center of Van Don district to Halong based CPC). Accordingly, the date 7-9-2016, Van Don District People’s Committee has Report 1434 / TT-DPI Committee sent the proposal evaluation report proposed investment policy. But as reported by DPI, grounds stipulated in Decision No 3418/2016 / QD-Committee of the Provincial People’s Committee dated 20-10-2016, above projects under the budget spending task of Van Don district.

       Therefore, the provincial Steering Committee of Van Don district based on the ability to balance the district budget, the need for investment works to actively consider investments from funds of the district budget, the resources mobilized other legal provisions ensuring the current and not to incur debts in capital construction. However, investment by large projects should now Van Don District People’s Committee is conducting planning, reviewing and balancing the budget to implement the project in the shortest time.

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People in hopes of gentrification

      The investment project of gentrification in Ha Long Commune along the route 334 from the Medical Center to the temple Van Don District Cai Bau not only meet the daily needs of the people, protect the environment but also important contribution to promoting the development of local tourism. Hopefully, Van Don district budget balances reasonable and mobilize investment resources for the construction project expeditiously.

source: baoquangninh.com