One day hang out flea market in Ha Long


Visitors to Ha Long impossible not to visit the area “Flea market”. Here freshly caught seafood fresh longer be sold right on the banks of the extremely affordable price.

      Halong countless fish market like this. Crushed concrete mẹt three individual woman has been out of the river bank of the sitting, a little later, the kids fishing theft also add a basket of shrimp, add the bucket bag oysters, Galaxy, fresh messages out messages sitting together . So the market.

      If residential Bai Chay area boasts vast Cai fresh seafood flakes roi, the Hon Gai wharf side fish market and fish market Halong I Column 5 is “paradise” of fish, shrimp, crab snails look’ve wanted to buy immediately

      Travelers prefer larger fish such as duplex, sea bass, red tilapia processing … buy, enjoy immediately.

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 1

Halong fish market but I do not too wide, the vast seafood

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 2

Stone crab and fresh oysters, seafood two fish at the market selling Halong

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 3

Fresh squid

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 4

The remaining fish swam

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 5Fresh Snout

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 6

All kinds of shellfish

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 7

The fish market traders Halong getting hot oxygen tubes for shrimp pots so they are always fresh fish

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 8

Guests choose to buy crab

Chợ trời hải sản Hạ Long 9

Guests choose from two days to buy on seafood passenger boat from Halong Bay in Halong wharf fish market I (Bach Dang Ward)

     Halong wharf I fish most crowded from 6 pm to 9 am. A fishing boat carrying large ships apart from Halong Bay on, her children were gravitate back onshore. Wholesale prices and retail sales should everyone likes. Season his form, sometimes even white mullet station, at around everywhere see stingrays, snapper.

      Located on the coastal urban areas Pillar 5, Column 5 Fish Market Restaurant from 4 am to 7 am, every afternoon from 4 pm to 5 session hours.

    During a half-kilometer range is hundreds of fishermen to bring the fruits after a night at sea to sell to people. In 3 “flea market” seafood, this is a rich market of marine species also most cheapest prices.

      Meeting immediately coast markets, under the neighbor fishermen, soup bowls cute kids cook, porters men fish, shrimp from the boat ashore to sell his wife, and the wind carries the smell gorgeous cool salty, fishy sea tao , interesting landscape to the extent that visitors from the plains to, just go to the market alone survive sightseeing find contentment.

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