Quang Yen Specialties: beef Shrimp Contact Area


Tourists, especially tourists love to explore the opportunity for culinary Lien Area (TX Quang Yen) can not help but enjoy beef shrimp (aka prawns salad) – a signature dish for the inhabitants of the island this Ha Nam.

      I know a man, as primary teachers in Union Place. The other day, he invited me home to play. During dinner, you bring out a price, there are plenty of vegetables, vegetable banana is sliced, vegetable perilla, small chopped spinach, herbs. Beneath other young greens are fresh notes nipper shrimp, dancing crackling. I ventured to ask him: He let me eat live shrimp you? He grinned you: This is a shrimp dish that cow!

Chuẩn bị nguyên liệu là khâu quan trọng nhất của món tôm bò Liên Vị.

Preparation of materials is the most important stage of cows Contact The shrimp cocktail.

      According to you, shrimp dish only cow in Contact Area, Henan island. The reason is called by the original cow shrimp, shrimp swimming in a pot of water released, began to eat anywhere but now that fewer and fewer people choose this type of food. Want to eat shrimp, the first cow to be chosen for an small nipper shrimp, as the top wire size is best. Nipper shrimp, also known as copper ground shrimp, brine shrimp species in the genus, they prawns. Nipper shrimp, like other types but they are blue in the body, forehead slightly curved panicle. The abdominal segments 2-3 have a clear edge in the back. The pins are usually mottled brown cow. This shrimp is about 120-130mm in size, weighing 15-20g. Nipper shrimp spawn habitually in the offshore area, on 20m depth, where the bottom mud, water temperature and salinity appropriate. Nipper shrimp breeding continuously, throughout the year, pork imports in April to August and October to January 11. To catch shrimp nipper, fishermen often take hooves Contact Area, ignoring bear cage … Today, many households in the commune Contact the shrimp was also quickened. Prices per shrimp nipper weight about 100,000.

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      Shrimp processing cattle is not fussy, but for tasty dishes, it must first buy shrimp washed, drained, followed by the preparation of raw vegetables include bananas sliced ​​vegetables, small chopped spinach, vegetables pineapple, lettuce, leafy vegetables hood (which must be convertible trees were planted in plots of aquatic farms in Henan new eating delicious). Eaten leaf roof is a very good antibiotic seafood eaten raw. Nipper shrimp very much alive, or jump crackling so coated with raw vegetables on top is to avoid shrimp jump out.

      An important component of water that is acidic. Tamarind green, small cooked with boiled water. When the water boiled colored tamarind thick, bitter is. Aromatic roasted peanuts, shelled. Just chopped peppers, a few cloves of crushed garlic for the sauce on. There are more cows shrimp cocktail or a bowl of rice cake when eaten cold.

      And yet, the shrimp tasted fresh cow must eat properly. First we will select two to three shrimp nipper head Classified put in a bowl, add a few pieces of raw vegetables, less fried peanuts, cracked pancake tiny little bowl and then add the cooled rice, tamarind juice Next chan and garlic sauce, fresh peppers. So you were able to enjoy a favorite dish of shrimp and know cows Contact Area. Crawfish for longer recording back into his mouth with hot taste of chili, garlic, salty taste of pure aromatic sauce.

      A trip Quang Yen, can enjoy shrimp cocktail cow will make guests an unforgettable experience, a taste of regional specialties. Will definitely be the most memorable memories of each person to set foot on the land of Quang Yen.

source: baoquangninh.com


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