Southern Fabrics early ripening (Uong Bi City) will be planted under the VietGap


Afternoon 23/2, Uong Bi City, DARD and Uong Bi City People’s Committee held a working session, plan the project implementation process early ripening fabric VietGap Southern Ward (Uong Bi City).

Đại diện TP Uông Bí

View of the meeting.

      With the goal of construction, sustainable development fabric rareripe Southern process VietGap in the centralized production, contributing to restructure the farming sector, beginning in 2017, DARD has conducted project “Construction and developing early maturing fabric production process at Phuong Nam VietGap “. According to the plan, by 2017, the project will apply the process VietGap on lychees and registration certificates for litchi early ripening VietGap scale 100ha, 235 participating households; from 2018 on the basis of the area carried out in 2017, continues to replicate for the area of ​​200ha with 765 participating households; 2019, proceed to apply the process on a total area of ​​300ha VietGap with 1,000 growers participate early nine cloth. Expected, Uong Bi City will be the project investor.

Đại diện

Delegates inspect the fabric of early ripening fruit set at the Southern Bar Association (Phuong Nam, Uong Bi City)

     To complete the project, the provincial People’s Committee for evaluation and approval of projects in month 3/2017, at the meeting, the delegates will discuss and give comments on the measures to implement the project. In particular, the majority of reviews are proposed DARD review the progress of the project, especially in 2017. Because only about 3 months left until harvest time fabric rareripe Southern, this time the trees have bloomed flower fabric (80% rate), should the participants wish the project should be implemented from the end of February or in early May at the latest and should 3/2017 concentrated in zones 1-2. Also proposed project implementation units should soon develop and promulgate regulations internal quality management (management of pesticides and fertilizers); play record books for her child care diary, urgently sampling soil, irrigation water assessment recommended production conditions; strict management of pesticide sales outlet on the ward …

      It is known that early maturing litchi trees were planned Southern agricultural product focus to 2020. Currently provincial litchi is grown in 13 areas, the total area of ​​the whole ward is 350ha. Estimated 2017, after pilot production process VietGap fabric production early ripening throughout Southern ward reached 1,600 tons (an increase of 800 tons compared with 2016).

source: bao quang ninh