Spillover benefits from products OCOP


As one of the centers of agricultural production of the province with many agricultural and famous traditional villages, Dong Trieu has many advantages for the construction and development of products for the program in each commune, ward product (OCOP).

Các cán bộ của Sở NN&PTNT Hải Phòng tham quan gian hàng bày bán sản phẩm OCOP tại Mạo Khê, TX Đông Triều.

The officials of Haiphong DARD join the product sold OCOP in Mao Khe, TX North East.

      Remember right from the provincial launch of this program, in 2014, the North East has 17 products of 9 units, enterprises, cooperatives, producers are evaluated and recognized province in catalogs OCOP, product including standard 16 from 3-4 stars. In the past the development process, with a view to develop products recognized as OCOP important channel to enhance the value of production, improving people’s lives, TX North East had the practical activities in support branding support for products; encourage and mobilize businesses, cooperatives and producers engaged in manufacturing and trading products OCOP; support science and technology applied to each product OCOP advantage … For example, the project supports green Cooperative Dong Trieu medicinal cannabis; science and technology applications in the research and production of alcohol products Mai Nguyen Hue’s Eastern Cooperative Commercial Services Dong Mai Nguyen Hue; support the development of North East dairy …

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      As such, many products and businesses participating OCOP do OCOP of North East has a new development. In doing so, they Medicinal Dong Trieu has positive green restructuring of the old plant to the new raw material planting, ongoing nursery and planting beet, ginseng class, honeysuckle, knotweed, yellow flower tea, three size purple … Eastern cooperative business Services Mai Nguyen Hue is supported 500 million in investment technology lines; alcohol products of standard unit 4 stars, has been recognized models, brands, quality and stability are provided three stimulus Wine Association of Quang Ninh.

      Security dairy company after the investment support for restructuring, upgrading and expanding production scale and improve the quality of dairy products, the company has produced pasteurized milk product standards 3 stars, research for new products as yogurt, milk cake. Hoa Phong cooperative after being supported construction of cold storage and drying were stored, effectively preserving some kind of agricultural seasonal vegetables; sliced ​​dried onions make products well received by the market …

Image result for ocop      With its own advantages, OCOP Dong Trieu 17 products have been creating a positive effect, more and more products on the market brand, consumption of large, high value. Even in the 2017 Spring Fair last OCOP, North East participated on 10 products OCOP, all with attractive consumers, especially the ceramic products, fresh dairy products, dried sliced ​​onions … the total revenue from the fair reached over 600 million, higher than the previous fair. To further boost efficiency OCOP program, commensurate with the potential existing strengths, from late 2016 to the present, Dong Trieu TX enhance product development and attracting new units and enterprises to participate. Results whole town has added 3 new products are recognized in the province catalogs OCOP North Eastern Province flies, orange Vietnamese Dong Trieu Dan and lychee. 2017, Dong Trieu continues to build 11 new products OCOP, agricultural specialties are the strengths of the region and is used by businesses, cooperatives stable production. 7/11 prospects will be more products added to the list of products OCOP province. North East also upgraded and added 3 new development enterprise engaged in manufacturing products OCOP, including Long Hai Company Limited participation mushroom needle products.

      With this process, the program’s OCOP Dong Trieu TX power more pervasive, bringing practical benefits to producers and consumers, helping to change the face of advanced rural towns.

source: bao quang ninh